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The Best ATM Withdrawal Defense Mechanism Is Your Dog


If you’ve ever used an ATM at night, you know what we are talking about. It is sometimes highly risky and downright dangerous, as shoplifters and thieves are on every single corner. Thieves will not always come back and apologize, like this one did.

ATMs are strongly secured with security cameras, cubicle-type walls, and even armed guards at certain locations to discourage muggers and opportunists. However, nothing can compare to this hilarious defense mechanism that could be even more effective. It’s all about your dog! The internet got overwhelmed with pictures of people using ATMs while being guarded by their cute dogs.

While these pups may look cute and cuddly at first glance, there’s no doubt that they can attack you in seconds if you try to approach that person. Think twice when you try to steal money from these people, muggers! “This is a good strategy. I would be way too distracted trying to pet the dogs to steal her information,” one social media user alternatively stated.

If you’re thinking of adopting a dog and need yet another good reason to, now you have one. If you’ve already got one, it might be time to start bringing them as your official cash withdrawal guard. Scroll down to get the proof you wanted and try not to be scared.

1. Don’t even think about approaching

Don't Even Think About It

Source: atrain1189

2. When you are at the ATM and you got your own security

 When You Have Security In ATM

Source: mustafasoho14

3. Someone is watching her back

Watching Her Back

Source: protectiondogselite

4. Two-sided tank system

Two-Sided Tank System

5. Self-protecting and treat-fed system

 Self Protecting And Treat-Fed System

Source: Frank Baron

6. Going to the ATM at night be like…

Using The ATM At Night

Source: outerspace

7. A tiny guard is watching you, be warned!

 Tiny Guard Is Watching You

Source: David Falck

8. Just doing the best job for his girl

Doing His Job And Watching The Girl's Back

Source: cokekennels

9. How to use the cash dispensing machine safely

How To Use The Cash Dispensing Machine Safely

Source: vaguetommy

10. ATM security at its best

 ATM Security At Its Best

Source: darkdynastyk9s_branden

11. ATM security guarantee

 ATM Security Guarantee

Source: ocregister

12. Personal protection dog

Personal Protection Dog

13. The best protection you can get

 Best Protection

Source: swflk9trainer
From: boredpanda

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