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Try To Avoid These 11 Examples Of Cultural Appropriation This Halloween


Is Halloween your favorite holiday, too? All the spooky movies, costumes, and decorations are such a creative way to prepare for the stay-at-home winter time. When it comes to costumes, you can choose from so many ideas, like from this long list, for instance. But we know you want to be unique, so you search for that once-in-a-lifetime costume to shock everyone. It often happens that people choose cultural appropriation costumes and imitate members of this culture, but that’s actually very offensive. It has been proven to be truly problematic, so try to avoid specific costumes like the following ones.

1. Native American

In the part of the Native American culture, wearing a traditional headdress symbolizes achievement, great honor and significance. It means you have to actually earn each feather you are wearing. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a shock that it’s disrespectful to wear the headdress as a costume.


Source: Pinterest | makeupbrushes1

2. Geisha

Geishas are a traditional and respected part of Japanese culture. These also come with rules, regulations, and a lot of training. So, if you decide to just paint your face white and put on a cheap kimono it means you are laughing in the face to these beautiful women and the Japanese culture as well.


Source: YouTube | Juan Pablo Gómez

3. Sugar skulls

Día de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is the origin of the sugar skulls. This is a truly important holiday for Mexicans. Painting one on your face is going to mean that you are making fun of their culture and also their dead ancestors.


Source: YouTube | nancyvlp

4. Egyptian anything

It is still an endless research on how light-skinned Ancient Egyptians actually were. Studies have shown their skin was a lot darker than our modern world likes to think. Also, their garments meant so much for their culture, so it’s not really the right costume to wear for the upcoming holiday.


Source: Yandy

5. Blackface

Being black is simply not a costume, it really offends the culture and it’s totally inappropriate to wear for Halloween.


Source: IMDb

6. Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are the reason why so many people of color are bullied and stereotyped. When people wear dreads as a costume, they choose to glorify one part of black culture while ignoring all of the struggles black men and women deal with.


Source: Tola Okogwu

7. Arabian anything

Many of you are aware that this costume is a real thing, but it is actually pretty offensive to wear. Also, dressing up as an Arabian terrorist? Beyond offensive, and scary, if you ask me.


Source: Tumblr | katblaque

8. Mexicans

Dressing up as our stereotyped version of a Mexican is a big issue. We should stop this once an for all!


Source: I Love Fancy Dress

9. Anything with a bindi

Although we’ve seen pop stars wearing bindis during their performances, we shouldn’t follow that trend. This is certainly far from a fashion trend, but a meaningful part of the Hindu culture.


Source: YouTube | SelGPrivate

10. Gypsy

Dressing up as a Gypsy or a Fortune Teller makes a mockery of Gypsy and Romani women, as well as of their culture and tradition.


Source: gypsyrepresent | Yandy

11. Caitlyn Jenner

This is not a case of cultural appropriation, but it really is something problematic to discuss. Being transgender is surely not a costume. If you do it out of respect, it’s okay, but if you want to make fun of transgender women, it’s not a good thing to do.


Source: PR Newswire

After all, there are so many examples of costumes, and you can still find one that’s unique for you.

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