How To Avoid Mistakes When Applying Eyeshadow


When it comes to doing your makeup, probably the most intimidating element is the eyeshadow. They can make or break your look, and the line between creating a perfect smoky eye and looking like a panda is very, very thin.

Nobody can resist the bright colors, rich textures and glamorous packages of eyeshadows. The most tempting, and at the same time complicated, are definitely eyeshadow palettes – they’re just so pretty! But, figuring out what to do with them, which colors to use, and how much, and where, is certainly an acquired skill.

Whether it’s bad blending, poor placement, a heavy-handed application or the wrong color(s), there’s a lot that can go wrong. No wonder so many of us decide to just skip eyeshadow altogether! But that would be a shame, because if it’s done right, eyeshadow can define and enhance your eyes, and totally polish your makeup look. So, make sure you’re not making these crucial eyeshadow mistakes and how to avoid them!

Source:Wayne Goss


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