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Conspiracists Believe Avril Lavigne Is Dead And Has Been For Years

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Remember back around 15 years ago when Avril Lavigne released her first single, Sk8er Boi? It definitely divided opinions, to say the least. It was a valiant effort for a debut single, and it was symbolic of everything teenage and everything early 2000’s.

Even though it wasn’t anything major, it still allowed the 32-year-old singer to reach worldwide popularity. Fast forward to today, and the singer’s latest songs don’t even bear a slight resemblance to what she did years ago.


I mean, just listen to Fly for Special Olympics above and then Sk8er Boi back to back. Things have definitely changed since then.

And, of course, this has led to the creation of yet another insane internet conspiracy: The Canadian singer is dead and has been for years.

People all over the internet believe in the possibility that the real Lavigne took her own life after her grandfather died in 2003 (14 years ago, 1 year after releasing Sk8er Boi), and in her place came her publicized lookalike, Melissa Vandella.

so she decided to hire a look alike to walk around LA for her and pose for the paparazzi (avril on the left, look alike on the right)

Since Avril really wasn’t a fan of dealing with the paparazzi, I can totally see where she’s coming from with hiring a lookalike to appear in public. The people who I can’t see where they’re coming from are the conspiracists; they claim that Melissa was also taught to sing just like Avril.

And the next part of this theory is that she actually succeeded. It is said Avril hung herself in late 2003

And the proof? Here it is in a series of random photographs apparently.

What do you think? Is the real Lavigne dead and is the one we see everywhere an impostor, or is this just another one of the internet’s “full retard” moments? I personally believe it’s the latter, but let us know what you think in the comments below!


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