29 Awe-Inspiring Photos That Will Fill You With Wonder

The smallest things in life can be the ones to bring the greatest joy. And it’s a real art to be able to capture them in a photograph. These can be seemingly inconsequential little tidbits of everyday life that you may not even notice in real time. But thankfully, some truly skilled photographers managed to immortalize the moment in a truly captivating photo. Here are 29 examples, courtesy of Diply, that are bound to fill you with wonder and amazement.

1. Shadow-crossed lovers

Two complete strangers, and yet their shadows seem to be in love.


Source: Reddit | AlphaPlutonium

2. I dare you! I double dare you!

When your friend dares you to do something incredibly dangerous and even more incredibly stupid, and you have to do it to avoid looking like a coward.


Source: Reddit | midnighthearts

3. Photobomb!

That cheeky little turtle! It knows exactly what’s it’s doing! Look how it’s staring directly into the camera!


Source: Reddit | StopClickBait

4. Robin Williams and his housekeeper

Even cleaning is fun with the comedy genius!


Source: Reddit

5. What’s trash for you, isn’t for other people cats

Cats need a pal, too!


Source: Reddit | Pravsy

6. A perfect match

They do say that owners start to resemble their pets after a while, but they don’t mean that literally, right?


Source: Reddit | BlackBox-

7. Up is down

I would like a glass of sunset, please.


Source: Reddit | Auggernaut88

8. Cool guys don’t look at explosions

“Agent Claw to base. Mission accomplished. Over.”


Source: Reddit | Subtractive_

9. The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

Crying? I’m not crying! It’s those damn ninjas cutting onions again…


Source: Reddit | Deray22

10. In the jungle, the mighty jungle

I can’t help but imagine the stench instantly causing the plants to wilt like in a cartoon… #sorrynotsorry


Source: Reddit | TellMeWhenToLeave

11. Scarred for life

So, apparently scars are dirt-proof. Interesting..


Source: Reddit | clutchdeve

12. Frozen

That is actually a frost pattern on a car’s side mirror, not a drawing.


Source: Reddit | panickedpeacock

13. When you’re tougher than you look

The only survivor of a tornado.


Source: Reddit | zmont420

14. The camera-window

This effect is called ‘camera obscura.’ With a bit of light in the darkness, an object can appear to be where it isn’t. Basically, the opening in the window recreates the scene outside.


Source: Reddit | NotQuirkyJustAwkward

15. Want to invest in your health?

This bank was transformed into a gym.


Source: Reddit | losotr

16. Missionary bee

Excuse me, do you have a moment to talk about our Lady and Saviour, the Queen Bee?


Source: Reddit | skyspor

17. Wonderwall

This piece of brick wall was polished by the water.


Source: Reddit | bryantreacts

18. Brimming with coffee

One more drop and it will overflow.


Source: Reddit | netflix_resolution

19. Is it a cake?

Nope, it’s a chunk of road. Yes, an actual road that you drive on.


Source: Reddit | pacgaming

20. You can’t kill it, if you can’t see it

This is not a leaf, it’s a leaf insect. It looks so much like a real leaf that it can be easily looked over. Perfect defense mechanism.


Source: Reddit | UkuleleRequiem

21. What is that? A house for ants?

According to one Reddit user, “This is a Faerie House/Door. It’s a Celtic tradition to invite the Fae Folk to “live” there and bring good luck. The practice took off in popularity when the Fae were diminished to “Little People” status (aka Tinkerbell) pixies by the Victorian English and Christian Churches. Respect for the Fae is deeply engrained in the ancient Celtic regions, but Faerie Doors just look cute, too.”


Source: Reddit | Godzilla_Tits

22. Cloudy with a chance of art

Those little clouds look as if they were placed like that to create a work of art.


Source: Reddit | LucaSaltWine

23. A grumpy old bell pepper

You can’t eat that! It has a face!


Source: Reddit | gaberollinondubs

24. A catfish

Some people would say this was Photoshopped, but believe it or not, it wasn’t.


Source: Reddit | NeutrinoBlue

25. Angry bee

What are you looking at, human? Want to feel my sting? Come at me!


Source: Reddit | ReturnOfTheFox

26. A perfect fit

There’s no getting that cutting board out of the sink now. Time to get a new sink.


Source: Reddit | joeyjoeyjojo_joe

27. Hung out to dry

What is Scrat up to now? Where the hell did his acorn go?


Source: Reddit | curtisreddits

28. Target acquired

A plane’s shadow surrounded by a rainbow…


Source: Reddit | emcdeezy22

29. The dabbing tree

When nature starts to adopt man’s fads.


Source: Reddit | mikepetroff
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