A Compilation Of Some Of The Most Awesome Decorative Cake Patterns

A Compilation Of Some Of The Most Awesome Decorative Cake Patterns


US dessert channel Awesome Cakes is a YouTube platform catering to anyone who has culinary interests in the field of sweets.

Their videos are usually compilations of amazing looking cakes that entice the senses!

Now, I know it’s a far stretch to do some of these cake’s intricate decorations, but I strongly believe that if a fellow human once did it, you are able to do it too!

Here you have a compilation with some of the best looking ones!


Let’s start off with this multi-colorful globe like cake! The pattern done with the icing looks amazing!

awesome 1


These butterfly cookies are truly something to behold!

awesome 2


Peachy rainbow lollypops!

awesome 3


This all-over-the-place pattern is really making me wanna have a bite!

awesome 0


Much beauty! Flowery spring flower! Yellow and fragile cupcake!

awesome 5


Ok, how does one manage to do this strawberry tower?

awesome 6

At mark 3:50, you have a whole section starting on how you make design flowers with the help of just icing and a tube.


Bouquet of flowers!

awesome 7


Cherry petals!

awesome 8


Bridal decorative flowers

awesome 9


Purple rosy cupcake

awesome 10


Another rosy cupcake. This time around it is cotton candy pink.

awesome 11


A variation of three-flowered cupcake

awesome 13


All of them in one place!

awesome 12


I wonder how much time it takes to make the multi-flowered cupcakes?

awesome 14


Tulip garden. Tulip being my favorite flower, I really wish I could do this.

awesome 15


A two-tier cake. The bottom is decorated with chocolate roses, then it goes on with vanilla ones.

awesome 16

The top cake is decorated with a chocolate circle pattern.

awesome 17

This is how the finished product looks!

awesome 19

To get your cake on check out the video below. Watching incurs no calories intake, so watch it as many times as you like.

Source:Awesome Cakes

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