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Latest, Awesome Ways To Cheat In School

cheating on test

People have been inventing new and awesome ways to cheat on their schoolwork or exams since they learned what school is. Writing on rubbers, hands, legs, miniature pieces of paper… You get the idea. You’ve done it.

But as the years go by, cheating has evolved into an art form. Now we have different and way more advanced techniques that put cheating on a whole other level.

It is actually very scary for teachers and professors these days because you will never know what your students are up to. If you are looking to get inspired with these different techniques then take a look at the video down below:

Calculator Watch

They were very famous in the 80’s, but there is a pretty good reason they are back. Every teacher asks their students to give their phones but never their watches.


Black tights

Not only they are very fashionable but can be used to sneak cheating sheets or even write on your legs.


Click play and of course, you’re welcome.


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