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16 Awful Tattoos That Are Unbearable To Look At


Good tattoos are art. They can be simply visually impressive on their own, but they can also hold deeply ingrained meanings, messages and life stories about the people who have them. Not all of the tattoos are good, though. Three-dimensional tattoos, ambigram tattoos, quotes, movie references, celebrity faces, sports teams, rock bands, ideological, political and religious tattoos… you think you have seen them all?

Check out this astonishing collection of shockingly bad tattoo choices. No matter how bad their taste, though, you have to hand it to these people for having the good humor to share these horrible mistakes that they are destined to look at forever. Except if they think what they have on their bodies are beautiful images worth sharing with the world… in which case we really need to be worried about the future of humanity.

1. Charmander never looked worse


Source: zimbio

2. One has to simply stand up and acknowledge this fact


Source: tattoofailure

3. Ladies and gentleman, Mr. Conway Twitty

Looks just like him!


Source: youtube

4. How to be honest about yourself 101


Source: numberone

5. “If you ain’t first, you’re last.”


Source: wordpress

6. Oh, well… there are uglier things in Pittsburgh.


Source: rock1061

7. Pikachu’s vinegar stroke.


Source: imgur

8. No one’s lovin’ it.


Source: pinterest

9. Like taking a duck-faced selfie isn’t bad enough as it is.

Especially if it was taken after 2014.


Source: po-kaki-to

10. It didn’t teach you grammar, either.


Source: telegraph

11. And that’s why you don’t visit your tattoo artist when you’re high on LSD.


Source: diply

12. Lost in the Supermarket


Source: dailyhiit

13. When did Haggar from Final Fight ever sing?


Source: wordpress

14. This truck desperately needs directions.

It has no place there at all!


Source: ontheradarmagazine

15. At least this way no one can ask for royalties.

He could have also credited Bovine Joni, Frank Reynolds’ favorite singer.


Source: chattypics

16. Funny and cool…

Two weeks after it aired. And the meme is dead in 2017, so, she might want to think about keeping that.


Source: twimg

So now that you’ve seen this horror show, here are a few tiny and cute ones that you will immediately want to get.

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