From Awkward to Hot – 10 Celebrity Kids Who Grew Up Gorgeous


Hollywood keeps teaching us with every generation that the Ugly Duckling story is the truest one of all. Let’s just ignore the fact that sometimes, also in Hollywood, the story is true even if told in reverse, and focus on these gorgeous celebrities. That is, gorgeous celebrities that were once rather awkward(ish?) children. Like us!

Let’s just jump right to the obvious and adore Mathew Lewis before we go on with the video. Do you remember Neville Longbottom, with his teeth screaming for braces and his frog Trevor? Now, do you remember Neville growing up and every possible Harry Potter fan losing their mind? Because Mathew Lewis is eye-candy today, and so is his colleague Ema Watson, coming a long way from her cute bushy hair in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

While there are many child stars that somehow got lost along the way, many of them were lucky to grow up to be stunning and very talented actors, which is also lucky for us, because we’re about to watch this video.


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