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20 Most Awkward ‘Photos With Your Mother’ Ever Taken

20 Most Awkward 'Photos With Your Mother' Ever Taken

Being a mom is one of the best feelings in the world. Watching your little one take their first steps, utter their first words, and start exploring the world is so powerful, it can’t be described with words. Just seeing them crack a tiny smile is enough to make your heart melt with joy.

It’s a hard job to be a mum, for sure, but you don’t mind; the only reward you want is the reciprocation of your affection. So, it’s understandable, as a mother, to want to preserve all your happy moments with your children.

It is not surprising at all that, being a mother, you want to capture those precious little moments with your child. And it’s so much fun to bring your creativity to light when planning the family portrait that you will treasure forever.

But just because you have lots of ideas for picures, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are good ones. Some of them are outright ridiculous!


Here are some extremely awkward photos of mum and kids that will leave you wondering, “What on bloody Earth were they thinking?!”

1. My Beautiful Woman

20 Most Awkward 'Photos With Mom' Ever Taken

The husband looks so scared! Probably because his wife is a giant!

2. Hips Don’t Lie


It’s always nice to have a theme for your family picture. But belly dancers was probably not a good idea. And what exactly is the point of the toy guns?!

3. Tough Mama


When you just can’t stop showing off how strong and muscular you are. And that tan! She probably frequents the same spray tan salon as Trump!

4. Mirrors


What a great idea to pose in matching leather jackets! Not awkward at all, no.

5. Let’s Dance


“Mum, I’m gonna be late for my dance concert!”

“Wait, honey, let’s first take a photo! Look, I even got dressed up like you!”

6. Always On My Mind


The telepathic connection between mother and daughter can be so strong at times, it’s actually scary.

7. Rocket Mum


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… there lived this family.

8. Old MacDonald Had A Farm


And he loved his cows more than anything. Anything other than his wife and daughters, of course. His family always came in first.

9. Smile


This photo is so awkward, but it’s okay, because these two just look so happy and cute together!

10. Oops, I did it again!


It can happen to anyone. Only, people don’t usually like to keep a reminder of their… accidents…

11. Kung Fu Fighting


I’m here to take photos and kick butts. And I’m all out of film.

12. Wake Up Call


I’m not sure what’s the best part of this photo. Is it the husband who is sleeping? Or the wife’s facial expression? Or perhaps the fact that grandma looks just radiant posing for a photo with her unwilling family.

13. Barbie Girl


The girl on the right looks so much like a Barbie, it’s uncanny. But, is it just me, or is the mother a spitting image of Britney Spears?

14. Paint It Black


Hehehe, I just got a great idea! Let’s draw on mum’s face with a marker! I’m sure when she wakes up, she’ll agree that it is absolutely hysterical! What could go wrong?

15. Circle of Life


Not sure if that’s mum, or a lion?

16. Stop And Stare


Finally, we are gonna take a picture with our lovely feather boas! I mustn’t ruin it by blinking! Must. Not. Blink.

17. Little Miss Sunshine


Copy. Paste.

18. Makes Me Wonder…


…What Each Of Them Was Thinking? Mum: “You disgust me, you pathetic excuse of a photographer.”  Big sis: “Just smile. It will all be over soon.” Little sis: “Everything is clear to me now!” Son: “Eh? U wot mate?”

19. You’ll Be In My Heart


Aww, they are so adorable, with their matching outfits, and matching glasses, and identical hair!

20. Killing Me Softly


If looks could kill, her stare could cause mild bruising, maybe even a nosebleed.

So how did you like these photos? I hope we gave you some ideas for a family portrait of your own. That is, ideas about what you should definitely not do.

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