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23 Awkwardly Savage Comics To Maybe Cheer You Up?

savage comics

Savagery is on the rise, and cartoonists are competing. Contributors from 9gag tried to bring your spirits up with these awkward (to say the least) comics, some of which are truly savage, savage ones.

1. Sometimes I just don’t know if people are crazy or something…

savage comics 1

2. When he’s right, he is right. Right?

savage comics 2

3. Some people have really simple ambitions

savage comics 3

4. Word to the wise – plan ahead for every possibility!

savage comics 4

5. Some people  just know the true value of life

savage comics 5

6. Most of the time it’s the thought that counts

savage comics 6

7. Even the simplest dilemmas can get you wondering sometimes

savage comics 7

8. Life goals 101 – maybe aim a bit higher next time?

savage comics 8

9. Some folks are just so impulsive, they wait for no one!

savage comics 9

10. Nothing seems to be enough for some people. Really sad.


11. Is it never too late to get up and do something with your life?

savage comics 11

12. Do you really need to check everything for yourself?

savage comics 12

13. Don’t ask questions you don’t want to know the answers to!

savage comics 13

14. Mom: You should never feel overshadowed by someone else’s accomplishments

savage comics 14

15. It’s always good to have a friend who’s so down to earth

savage comics 15

16. They say a change will do you good. No mention of what kind of change.

savage comics 16

17. Patience is a virtue. But that just might be a legend.

savage comics 17

18. Some dreams may turn out to be horror. Others…

savage comics 18

19. It’s the little things in life that make us feel real

savage comics 19

20. The usefulness of some ideas just eludes me

savage comics 20

21. Motivation and faith can get you through life


22. Read a book once in while, will ya?

savage comics 22

23. If you don’t succeed at first, sometimes just leave it at that

savage comics 23

This last one really sums it up, doesn’t it?

Source: 9gag

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