Bookworm Babe Danielle Geimer Rocks The X Factor Judges

Bookworm Babe Danielle Geimer Rocks The X Factor Judges


Danielle “Danie” Geimer is the bookworm babe who auditioned for season three of The X Factor and made the top 16.

“Mom, I am not good at talking!” says Danie to her mom, both of them waiting outside to enter the venue were auditions are supposed to take place.

We see a young, tall girl, with a curly hair, glasses and a hat. She is slightly anxious. She looks so cute!

In the short section where every contestant has to introduce us to themselves, she mentions being from Northridge, California and that she attends the Granada Hills Charter High School.

babe 1

“When other girls are going off to hang out with their friends or to the mall, I am usually in my room reading.”

She says that reading books is her forte.

“I always really wanted to sing and this seems like the best opportunity to do so.”

Next shot, we see her climbing the side stairs that lead to the stage. This girl seems shy, but at the same time, there’s something about her….

The judges on the panel are Demi Lovatto, Kelly Rowland, Paulina Rubio and Simon Cowell. For some strange reason, Simon is not present this episode. More power to her, I guess!

“Hello, how are you?” Paulina greets her.

“Hi, I’m good, how are you?” greets back Danie.

babe 2

“What are you gonna sing tonight?” asks Paulina.

“I’m gonna sing The House Of The Rising Sun” says Danie.

Now, the judges are a little taken aback. And no wonder! Let me tell you a bit more about that song.

“The House of the Rising Sun” is a folk blues song which was covered countless times from some of the world’s best and enjoys great legacy. With it comes great responsibility.

The Animals version of it, which were a UK band, is considered to be the first folk-rock hit, reaching the U.S pop singles chart in July 1964. Since, it has ranked 122 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of “500 Greatest Songs of All Time”

“Good luck, baby!” says Paulina.

Few short seconds later, Danie starts to sing. You cannot imagine the surprise of the audience and the judges!

This girl rocks! Her voice is so strong, that she even sings the notes belonging in the higher register on her voice!

babe 3

“Miss thing, you are it!” said Kelly visibly cheerful!

Demi Lovatto asked her to take off her hat. There was a stunning gorgeous girl beneath!

“You are really, really special and with that power of vocals, that beautiful smile, I’m just so excited!” said Paulina. “Let’s start voting!”

Head over to the video to see whether Miss Thing got to enter the competition!


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