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These 15 Babies Already Need To Visit A Hairdresser


No one expects babies to have hair, at least until they are 7 months years old. However, some of them are born with a full head of hair which can be luscious, voluminous, silky kinky, straight or curled, the possibilities are endless.

AwkwardMom compiled this gallery of babies who were blessed with a full head of hair since birth.

1. The “80’s Cher” look.

This baby looks like the most adorable baby lion. His mum must have been listening Cher’s older albums while she was pregnant with him. This can’t be a coincidence.


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2. The fierce redhead

This infant has a screaming red hair, probably has some Viking genes in his blood.


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3. Hi there.

Look at those eyes! One of his parents must be an anime character. Also, that hair looks like it was styled for hours by Sally Hershberger personally.


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4.The chameleon

Businessmen at day, punk-rocker at night.


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5. Clean and fresh

Young mothers seem to be obsessed with baby headbands. From basic one-color headbands to flower embedded ones. They are everywhere.


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6. The wise baby

This infant looks like he is already done with humans and their nonsense. Why must they be so annoying?


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7. Just chillin

This has to be the coolest baby you’ve ever seen. The wind works in his favor.


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8. The helmet

All this baby is missing is a Harley-Davidson.


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9. Conan O’Brien’s baby photo.

It’s a rare photo of Conan as a baby. You’re gonna have to believe me on that one.

Look at that hair, guys are jealous.


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10. The serious baby

Your hair will never look this good. Ever.


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11. The Shemp

This baby idol is the American comedian Shem Howard. He is already a prosperous comedian himself.


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12. The Rick James

Those curls are nothing but a blessing. So cool.


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13. The hair model

Using Patentee for voluminous, shiny hair? Nope, amniotic fluid.


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14. The faux hawk

This baby is rocking the everlasting punk style.


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15. The Johny Cash

Last but not least, the baby who makes all the news anchors envious.


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From: awkwardmom

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