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A Very Rare Occurence Caused This Baby To Be Born With Two Teeth

There are a lot of interesting things that can happen when a baby is born, one of them being that the child is born with teeth. These newborn teeth are referred to as natal teeth, and because they have little root structure, they are actually quite wobbly.

This can occur in about one in every 2,000 to 3,000 babies.

One lucky mother, Samantha Lines recently gave birth to a baby with natal teeth

The 29-year-old and her partner Jason tried for years to have a baby, and they were thrilled when the pregnancy test showed two pink lines.

Samantha had a long and difficult labor, and her daughter Ella-Rose was delivered via C-section.

She was born perfectly healthy, but when she opened her mouth to cry, the natal teeth showed up.

Baby Born With Natal Teeth 1

Inside her tiny mouth, on her bottom jaw, were two little white teeth.

In most cases, babies don’t start teething until the sixth month, but little Ella-Rose was born with them already growing.

Samantha recalls, “I was completely delirious with all the morphine and other painkillers. Suddenly a midwife said my baby had two front teeth. It was a complete surprise.”

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“Everyone was telling me how amazing it was that my baby had front teeth, but I had very little idea of how rare that is.

“It wasn’t until I came to and somebody told me that it actually sunk in that this was such a unique thing. The doctors have told me that it’s very rare for this to happen.”


The birth of Ella-Rose with two teeth on the bottom jaw also means that Samantha needs to learn how to feed a baby with teeth.

She’s a little nervous, she admitted. Usually, moms experience a bit of discomfort when learning to breastfeed, but Samantha’s situation will be a little more difficult than everyone else’s.


Although she’s a little worried, though, she’s pretty sure it will be fine.

“Her teeth are only small,” Samantha said, “so hopefully it won’t be too painful. I’ve got bottles in case it is too difficult, but it seems fine at the moment.”


Even then, the doctors have warned Samantha and Jason that they may fall out, and that presents a choking hazard.

Because this is so rare, Samantha had a hard time researching how to handle this situation.

Baby Born With Natal Teeth 8

She explained, “I’m not even sure whether or not I should be brushing them or not. They look very delicate, so I don’t know whether I should even be touching them at all.

“It’s just something extra to deal with on top of everything else. You’re trying to learn everything when you’re a new mum, but I need more guidance.”

Even though they’re still learning, I’m sure that Samantha and Jason will be great parents to little Ella-Rose

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