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Baby Boy Delivered By C-section After His Mother Was Struck By Lightning Dies At Two Weeks Old


A baby boy was rescued and delivered by C-section after his mother was struck in the head by lightning. Meghan Davidson, 26, was struck in the head on June 30th. Then, the doctors delivered her baby. The baby, Owen Davidson seemed to be doing just fine with his heart beating perfectly. Meanwhile, his mother suffered a collapsed lung and went into cardiac arrest. However, on Thursday, July 13, the two-week-old boy passed away at the Golisano Children’s Hospital in Fort Myers, Florida, although the doctors have managed to keep him alive using oxygen assistance. The shock was huge for the family, as one tragedy followed another. Luckily, Meghan was safe and sound after her recovery.

His mother, Meghan Davidson, had been walking with her mom outside her home, a week before she was due, when she was hit. Meghan’s mom quickly rushed her to the hospital, where doctors performed the C-section to save her baby boy.

The mum-of-three was in a critical condition, she was in intensive care because her lung collapsed and she suffered a cardiac arrest. She could only react with her eyes when her husband said her name, as WBBH reported.

Parishioners at her church revealed that she has shown signs of improvement as the newborn fought to survive. Carol Bridges, a member of McGregor Baptist Church, said: “Meghan is showing signs of improvement.” However, soon after she recovered, she received some bad news. Her little one had died. And no one can explain how things happen in this way. It’s sad and devastating, but Meghan has to continue with her life.

The couple’s church members are planning prayer vigils in commemoration of Owen.

‘I think it’s devastating, you know, you just don’t understand why some tragedy happens,’ church member Linda Kelly said.



Reportedly, six people in the US have died because of lightning this year, four of whom have come from Florida. Meghan is lucky to have survived this terrifying accident.


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