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Baby Elephant Rejected By His Herd Is Nursed Back To Health By An Unlikely Friend

PIC BY NICKI COERTZE/ CATERS NEWS - (PICTURED: The adorable baby pink elephant with its herd.) - When you first glance at this photo youd be forgiven for thinking your eyes were playing tricks on you but no, this really is a PINK ELEPHANT! With his bright pink ears flapping in the wind, the tiny calf was spotted drinking from a river with its mother at Kruger National Park. The pink calf is believed to be an albino, an extremely rare phenomenon amongst African elephants. The rare sighting was made by tourist Nicki Coertze, 58, while on safari with his family in Shingwedzi.- SEE CATERS COPY


This heart-warming story about a baby elephant who was sick almost brought us to tears.

He was abandoned by his herd and rescued by Karen Trendler and the staff of the Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage in South Africa. He was critically ill when they found him and needed medical attention. He had a large umbilical abscess and septicemia, and was intolerant to milk.

The volunteers had to make extraordinary efforts to keep him healthy. Ellie was already feeling better after some care, but, are you ready – he was sad without a friend.

That’s about the saddest thing we read today. But don’t despair – the story has a lovely ending. As much as we’d love to be friends with Ellie now, we weren’t there then, so they had to come to a different solution.

Enter Duma.

Take a look at this adorable video. Friendship is so meaningful, no matter the species, and Duma was the reason Ellie started to get his life back!

Source:Earth Touch

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