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Baby Flamingo Who Tries So Hard To Be An Adult Becomes Internet Star

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Nearly all birds are adorable-looking, especially when they are super tiny and young. There is nothing more adorable than a baby flamingo. If you haven’t yet seen one, this is your chance to melt at the sight of these images. This almost-two-weeks-old flamingo, living at Pittsburgh’s National Aviary has become an Internet star after its cute appearance on Facebook on June 29. The cutest part of the story is that this little bird is trying so hard to do what adult flamingos can.

As this baby flamingo is taking its first steps towards becoming an adult, visitors and other people on the Internet watch it and realize that being an adult is far from easy. People have connected with the bird in the most human way, accepting the fact that adulthood is so hard.

“National Aviary staff and visitors can’t stop ooh’ing and ahhh’ing over this little one!,” said the caption of an adorable photo of the then 4-day-old flamingo posted on the organization’s Facebook page on June 29.

More info: National Aviary | Facebook (h/t)


The tiny fellow has people admiring its long legs and fluffiness.


The most adorable part is that the bird is trying to adult so hard, and it’s too relatable.


We can see the bird struggling to stand on one leg like an adult. He is not only fluffy, but leggy, too!


Here it is, trying so bad to stretch its legs, entering the world of adulthood.


People just can’t stop praising the little one for its fluffiness and admiring its super long legs.

Twitter user Celesse also shared the pics of the birdie with the following caption: “BABY FLAMINGO… Who’s trying so hard to flamingo.”

Well, adulting is not easy, after all! Don’t grow up just yet, baby flamingo! It’s a trap!

Here is an extra video:


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