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Nine-month-old Girl Is Saved After This Picture Went Viral #ENDviolence

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A disturbing picture of a nine month old girl, bound and gagged, was shared on Facebook. Concerned netizen, Alexa Contreras Mendez aka Angie, saw the heartbreaking picture online and alerted the authorities to investigate the pictures and the welfare of the child.

The inititial investigation revealed that the the nanny and her boyfriend had commited the abuse. During the hearing the mother and the babysitter said that it was just a ‘game between friends’. The authorities rejected their account. They considered the incident as a case of neglect, taking the girl away from her mother and into state care.

Yezka Garza, the head of the Prosecution for Children and Family from Torreon, Coahuila, in a statement for the local media said:

“We started an investigation to find the place where the girl lives and we rescued her in order to ensure her integrity and restore her right to live without violence.”

Garza appealed to citizens to report any suspected cases where the rights of children and adolescents are violated so that authorities could intervene to protect them.

Millions of children live in fear of physical, emotional and sexual violence. Latest statistics show staggering levels of violence against children:
• Every five minutes a child dies as a result of violence.
• Approximately one in 10 girls under the age of 20, or 120 million girls worldwide, have experienced sexual violence.
• Every year nearly a billion children – or 6 in 10 children globally – between the ages 2-14 worldwide are regularly subjected to physical punishment by their caregivers.
• One-third of students between the ages of 13 and 15 worldwide are regularly bullied.


Just days ago, UNICEF with Goodwill Ambassador, David Beckham, highlighted the urgent need to #ENDviolence against children. David Beckham asked young people about their experience with violence. More than 190,000 people responded from 22 countries.

The Results:

Two-thirds said that they have personally experienced physical or verbal abuse or know somebody else who has. When asked who they think commits the violence, one-third said police or law enforcement, 29 percent said their peers, 28 percent said a parent or caregiver and 9 percent said, teachers.

Ending violence against children is everybody’s business.

Violence against children can be found in every corner of the world, the home, the street or the school. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. By strengthening attitudes that support non-violence, enforcing laws, creating safe spaces and listening to childrens’ voices, violence can be prevented.

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