Baby Hairs: The Latest Fashion Statement

Baby Hairs: The Latest Fashion Statement

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When I was in 5th grade I tried my hardest to hide my baby hairs under my hair. Those fine little whispy hairs found around the edges of your hair.  Little did I know, that the baby hairs were to explode into a signature fashion statement in 2016! Baby hairs also made a lot of noise during one particular debate: the cultural appropriation of the several African-American hairstyles, baby hair included. Slicking down one’s baby hairs traces its roots to the African-American community and subsequently was accepted by the Hispanic and Afro-Cuban citizens with origins from Latin America. Today, this particular hairstyle has unanimous credibility and it is almost worn as a political statement of reappropriation on behalf of the African-American/Latin community.

1. Jennifer Lopez was one of the first Latina women to have a big break in the music industry back in the 90s. She looks astonishingly hip yet elegant combining her baby hairs with a braid.


Source: Look

2. UK-born singer slash performance artist FKA TWIGS was among the first artists of the newer post-2010 generation to revive the baby hairs back from the 90s. She is Jamaican on her father side and has mixed Spanish and English decent on her mother’s side. Her wavy baby hairs are almost her signature look.



3. Chili comprised one-third of the 90s girl band TLC. She was known for her genteel brand of ghetto girl meets high-end fashion. She also rocked baby hairs throughout her active career as an artist.


Source:Black Girl Long Hair

4. Kylie Jenner and the Kardashian sisters get a lot of scrutiny on a daily basis for appropriating black culture on several levels. One of them is the baby hairs that they usually wear with braids.


Source: Instagram | @kyliejenner

5. Here we have, Zendaya the girl who sports baby hairs at any given occasion!


Source: Cosmopolitan

6. Rihanna looks majestic with her baby hairs. She manages to balance her deadly magnetism with a touch of naivety that the baby hairs bring to this particular hairdo.



Source: Pinterest
Main Image via Instagram | @kyliejenner

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