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This Mom And Baby Girl Have A Convesation With The Goat


Go baby girl! Babies see the world in a totally different way to grown-ups and everything is fun to them! But when this goat decided to make a funny sound, this little lady opted to join it! The conversation is just as awesome as you’re thinking!


Dr. Daniel Waldron, a Goat specialist from Tennessee State University says that goats may make noises for different reasons. It could be if you take a baby goat away from the mother goat or if they are expecting to be fed. But one thing’s for sure, these goats will probably not be featured on ‘The Voice’, anytime soon.

“Mother goats call for their young when they get separated, young kid goats also call for their mothers. Goats may also ‘yell’ when they expect to get fed. If I feed one pen of goats, the second pen may start ‘yelling’ because they want to be fed right now.”

And why do they sound so much like humans? Well, this one is still up for debate. No one quite knows why.

” This little goat was probably ”Bleating” to say hello to his new friend.


As the cute blond baby wearing a red and pink T-shirt is trying to talk with the goat her mother and the lady that’s holding the goat are historically laughing in the farm. But can you really blame them? Their noises sound exactly the same. They have a lovely little interaction that follows the standard rules of conversation. You talk then I talk.

The baby also tries to touch the goat at the end of the video. Such a friendly girl!

Join the conversation below by watching the video. Alert: This video may contain heartwarming footage!

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