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28 Baby Names Parents Really Need to Stop Using

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When it comes to someone’s upcoming parenthood, one of the biggest dilemmas they face is what they should name their newly born loved one. And let’s be real, no parent wants to make a half-baked effort when it comes to naming their child, now do they?

If you’re stuck on ideas for your up-incoming new member of the family, here are a few suggestions you might want to consider, brought to us by Aunty Acid.

1. Adley

A unisex Hebrew name that means “judicious”.

28 Baby Name Suggestions For Your Up Incoming Family Member 1

2. Arnelle

This name is typically used as a girl’s name. It originates in France and in the corresponding language, it means “bear prince”.

28 Baby Name Suggestions For Your Up Incoming Family Member 2

3. Bexley

Bexley comes from the Old English terms for box trees and woodland clearings.


4. Bodhi

In Sanskrit, Bodhi means “enlightened” and is connected with the Buddhist state of Nirvana, meanwhile the Bodhi tree is a fig tree that the founder of Buddhism sat under to achieve enlightment.


5. Britta

A unique girl’s name that’s pretty popular in Germany, meaning “strength or exalted one”


6. Calla

This female name originated in Greek and it means ‘beautiful’. Spelling it with one letter gives us “Cala” which is the Arabic word for “fortress”.


7. Cayson

This name has only been around for about a decade and originated in America.


8. Dangelo

Originating in Italy, it’s a name that comes from the phrase “d’angelo” which means “from the angel”.


9. Enoch

A Hebrew name pronounced as “ee-nock”, deriving from the Hebrew name “Chanokh” meaning “dedicated”.


10. Farren

This baby boy name is French and it translates to “adventurous” in English.


11. Grecia

A Latin name that is a variant of the English name ‘Grace’, pronounced “grey-shah”.


12. Harlyn

This is an English name and it has the meanings ‘Grey land’ and ‘hare land’. It’s a unisex name.


13. Ignacio

Pronounced as “eeg-nah-thio” since it originates from Spanish, it also has a female version which is “Ignacia”.


14. Joziah

This Hebrew name means ‘Fire of the Lord’.


15. Kael

“Kael” translates to “mighty warrior” in Gaelic, but it means various things in different languages.


16. Lilith

This boy’s name also has different n Latin and French it means ‘crowned with laurel’.


17. Malachi

The simple meaning behind this name is ‘my messenger, my angel’.


18. Maxton

“maxton” in Scottish means “settlement”.


19. Nimah

It’s of Arabic origin and it means “devotion”, most commonly used for females.


20. Oriana

It’s been said that this name originates from the Latin word “aurum”, meaning “gold”/


21. Quinten

It’s of Dutch and Latin origin, and it just means “fifth”.


22. Roderick

This is a male name and it’s used in English, Scottish, and Welsh. It has the meaning ‘famous power’.


23. Syden

A popular boy’s name that has several different meanings, including crowned, respectful and laughter.


24. Thea

This female name is used in German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, and English.


25. Uri

A Hebrew originating name, meaning “my light”.


26. Vaughn

Sometimes used as a first name but more commonly a last name, it comes from the Welsh word “bychan” that means “little”.


27. Weylyn:

A boy name that has Celtic origin and means ‘song of the wolf’.


28. Zuri:

Meaning ‘beautiful’ in Swahili, this name is commonly used in Eastern Africa.


Will you be giving your baby one of these names? Let us know in the comments!


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