This Baby Photographer Perfectly Captures The Magic Of Newborn Babies

When it comes to what people like most, it comes down to two things: cats and babies. In fact, some people even say that that’s the easiest way to grab women’s attention – by showing them a photo of a baby.

Well, you can use today’s article to do just that – grab a woman’s attention! Because you’re about to see the most perfect video of all time.

But why is it perfect? Well, because there’s a professional behind it. Ana Brandt is ‘a motivated mama of 3’ living in Orange Hills, California. Originally from New York, she has been a professional baby and maternity photographer for over 15 years, carrying her craft from one state to another.

Her website is frequently updated with her work and features some of her best photography work focused on pregnant mothers and their newborns. Ana stands out from other photographers though, because the aesthetic touch she adds to her photography is original and at the same time appropriate for her subjects.

Looking at her photos, one has the sense that the newborns are surrounded by a magical aura, or they exist in a realm of fantasy, separate from our own. Her mothers feel like goddesses, larger than life, marching over Earth, carrying their little suns and moons inside.

Her most recent photo project has been of baby Abigail. Being born prematurely, Abigail slept through nearly the entire photoshoot. Dozing off, Ana was able to place her – very gently – in different positions, and with the help of the tiny baby’s charisma – create the perfect baby photoshoot.

Here’s a video of baby Abigail’s photoshoot. Enjoy!

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