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12 Practical Ways To Use Baby Powder Around The House

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Baby powder absorbs moisture well and helps cut down on friction. It keeps the baby’s skin dry and helps prevent rashes. However, baby powder has numerous other beauty applications and home uses. Read up on them below and get ready to stock up your house with this “miracle dust” even if you don’t have a baby. The gallery is from Shareably and shows you just how helpful baby powder can be in some situations.

1. Freshens your shoes

Take the smell out of your shoes by pouring some powder inside.


Source: Wikihow

2. Soothes the skin before you wax

To reduce pain and irritation, just put some baby powder above your upper lip before waxing.


Source: xoJane

3. Can be used as a dry shampoo

Just try to mix together 1/4 cup of the powder with baking soda and then massage it into your hair. Brush it after it soaks down.


Source: Life at Clover Hill

4. Removes grease stains

Baby powder can suck out the grease from your clothes if you stain them. Here’s how to use the powder to remove the stains.


Source: Snap Guide

5. Helps fixing a squeaky floor

To prevent the floorboards from squeaking, sprinkle the baby powder in between.


Source: YouTube Screenshot

6. It’s an effective ant repellent

Put the powder in places where you want to prevent ants. They won’t be able to cross the barrier.

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7. Protects flowers from rot

Sprinkle some over your bulbs and roots before you plant them. It will deter pests.


Source: Viral Nova

8. Untangles jewelry

Baby powder can serve as a lubricant for tangled jewelry, making it easier to untangle.


Source: Organized Chaos Online

9. Slipping on rubber gloves is easier

Before putting on rubber gloves, dust your hands with powder so you can slip them on easier.


Source: Tip Snips

10. Freshens your deck of cards

Cards decks can often get dingy, so rub some on the deck to freshen it up.


Source: Pinterest

11. Freshens your sheets

To prevent your sheets from getting soaked in sweat, sprinkle the powder in between them.

Spilled Baby Powder

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