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The Father Of 4 Girls, Collapses After Baby Boy Gender Reveal


The moment when you first get the reveal of your baby gender is always full of emotion and joy for the parents. They just experience it different from everyone else. But this father’s reaction is truly one for the ages. I honestly don’t think that you have ever seen such a powerful and big reaction since Angel received a quarter of million dollars on Undercover Boss.

This time, nothing has to do with money. Julio Pena and his wife, Kari already have four daughters. After his wife got pregnant for the fifth time, they wanted the baby gender reveal to be a surprise for everyone. So, the doctor put the gender in an envelope and they didn’t open it.

The only person who knew the good news was Chastity, their 16-year-old daughter. She was the one who made the cake so when the parents cut into it, the inside of the cake would be either blue for a boy or pink for a girl.

Julio was the one who was going to cut the cake and when he sees the blue, he completely loses his control. He screamed and collapsed at the same time.


“It was like I collapsed and fainted at the same time,” Julio told ABC News’ Suzan Clarke. “I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. For a boy. They had to sit me down on the sofa and I couldn’t say anything. I was like in shock.”

We’re sure about one thing, though, their father-and-son relationship will be pretty strong.

To see his reaction, click down below. Enjoy!

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