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7 Back Pain Relief Yoga Stretches To Help You Sleep Like a Baby!


Back pain is so common that 31 million Americans are experiencing it at any given time. If you are one of them, we feel for you as we’ve felt the unbearable drudgery of back pain a lot of times, too. There’s nothing worse than sitting at a desk or working a tough job that gives you back pain. The solution? You need to stand up and do some exercise!

Here are 7 useful yoga stretches by TipHero that are not only simple, but you can also complete them in under ten minutes. And, no, you don’t need any special equipment. Be warned, you might fall in love with these!

1. Downward facing dog

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Even the most casual yogis know how to execute this simple pose. All you need to do is start in a neutral standing position. Then, slowly fold your upper-body forward, taking care to engage your core as your hands reach the mat. Next, place your palms flat on the ground and move both legs back. It’s important to focus your energy on bringing your heels down towards the floor. Alternate by bending your knees if you want a deeper stretch.

If your shoulders are also tense, you will feel such a relief after this exercise!

2. Upward facing dog


After taking care of your upper back, it’s time to focus on its lower part. For this pose, lie belly-down on the floor with the bridges of your feet pressing down onto the mat. Next, you need to stretch your legs towards the back and push your palms down as if you were doing a push-up. It’s important to fix your gaze upwards and lift your body up, making sure that your core is tightly engaged all the while. Such a great feeling!

3. Standing forward bend

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Start with your feet a shoulder-width distance apart. Keep your knees neutral and abs engaged while bending your upper half towards the floor. Reach down towards the mat and do your best to hug yourself in the process. If you want, you can also place both hands on opposite elbows and gently sway back-and-forth.

4. Cat/cow pose


For a full, efficient backstretch, try this amazing pose. Begin in a tabletop position with both knees on the floor. Next, round your back, and keep your neck loose. Then, breathe through the stretch and arch your back, placing your gaze up towards the ceiling. You need to expand and contract several times, making sure that you are releasing all of the air from your abdomen with each breath. It’s a wonderful feeling!

5. Seated spinal twist

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This one is probably the easiest one that makes you feel relaxed. Start with both legs out, directly in front of you, and then cross one leg over the other. Rest your elbow on the outer end of your raised knee and begin stretching your fingers out. Reach as far as you can in the direction of your knee and gently twist. Instant relief!

6. Wind-relieving pose

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This is the simplest pose that you can also do while in bed. Lie flat on your back, with your entire spine hitting the floor, mat—or bed! Then, lift both knees up towards your chest, and lift your chin towards your kneecaps. For a deeper lower-back stretch, alternate knees!

7. Child’s pose

Yoga With Adriene

Now that your back and mind have finally relaxed, close out your practice session by easing into child’s pose. This one is probably the most relaxing one of all. Start with your knees pressing into the mat in a wide stance, then lower your belly to the floor. You can either reach your arms towards the opposite end of the room or you can simply keep them by your sides. It’s up to you!


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