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Jasmine Brown’s Back To School Hairstyles – Straight And Curly

Back to School Hairstyles

For the younger ones among us, back to school is one of the most stressful times. I mean tell me, how many of you reading this right now actually look forward to hitting the books?

Exactly. The people who actually like school are few and far between. Of course, school can be cool because of the shenanigans that can happen in class, and I bet you all have had fun times hanging out with your classmates during the breaks.

To keep it simple, people hate and love school at the same time.

And, as much as we hate school, we best make an effort to look good, maybe to impress that hot person from the other class. Or just because we rock, right? Right.

So, to keep yourself looking snazzy on a school day, your hair especially, here are some back to school hairstyles, for curly and straight hair.

Jasmine Brown's Back To School Hairstyles 1

Jasmine Brown certainly knows how to take care of her gorgeous natural curly hair. And, for those who also got “saddled” with curly hair at birth, she has a few hairstyles that you can rock at school without being forced to grab the flat iron.

But, those with straight hair don’t have to feel left out, because she also decided to straighten her hair and show some straight hair hairstyles.

The first style is for the curly haired, and it’s a half-up bun.

Jasmine Brown's Back To School Hairstyles 2

After that, we have a half-up-half-down bun, my personal favorite.

Jasmine Brown's Back To School Hairstyles 3

Then there’s this big ol’ bun right here. And the best way to go everywhere.

back 1

This one is really cool, one I like to call a “raining” ponytail.

back 02

And this fully down ponytail also stood out.

back 03

There’s quite a few more of them, and we didn’t want to spoil the video for you, so check out the video below if you want to see them:

Source:Jasmine Brown

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