Talk About Bad Luck: 16 Airplane Passengers You DO NOT To Travel With

Talk About Bad Luck: 16 Airplane Passengers You DO NOT To Travel With


First world problems? I wish. At this point, the majority of the world’s population has experienced some sort of travel in a cramped tube-shaped space. Yes, I’m talking about buses, trains, airplanes, you name it, where people nowadays get packed like sardines in a can. And I’m pretty sure we’ve all struggled with those OTHER passengers, as 9GAG were so ‘kind’ to remind us.

As someone said, “Hell is other people.” And this Hell has way more than just nine circles, so let’s just stop wasting time and start climbing!

1. What was that about rights and freedom?


Oh, right, having the right to do things as long as it didn’t infringe on another person’s rights. Well, pretty sure that principle isn’t being upheld here.

2. Which one do you prefer, if you had to choose?


Say, the airplane crashed, and just you and one of these persons survived and got stuck on a deserted island? Would you prefer to get stuck with Mr. INeedSpaceForMyHugeBelly, or Mr. PleaseInhaleMySweatyFeetVapours?

3. Where have I seen this before…


Functionally, this passenger seems not annoying and comfortable to sit next to, although a bit unaesthetic. Kind of like a sleeping baby. Yeah, this is the passenger equivalent of a sleeping baby. It’s just 20 times bigger.

4. When public transport is actually your home


So naturally, you act like you’re at home, by yourself, sitting in the living room. Cooling down your massive sweaty belly. Ideally with a cold beer. Or lying down in your bedroom reading a book. Yeah, that’s what public transport is for, it’s not like you share it with other people. All I can say is, thank God someone hasn’t used it as their bathroom yet.

5. The classic case of the drunk passenger


Those pictures say a thousand slurred, mumbling, drunken words.

6. Nailed it!


At this point, it’s just a matter of time before someone gets a shower on the seat next to you.

7. I just have no words.


No, really. No words. I’ve never seen humans in this position – only luggage.

8. Lady passengers can be just as annoying!


Cough-cough. Um… Excuse me? Miss? The nail polish is Instagram material but can you please NOT?

9. The latest yoga fad?


Could very well be.

9. Another one of those difficult choices


I’m with the gentleman on the right.

10. More yoga


Not-so-downward dog?

11. Pick your poison



12. When it rains on the inside


Perception is everything.

13. Ponytail or turkey?


I choose the turkey. Plus, imagine you’re also flying to Turkey! On Thanksgiving!

14. Yet more yoga


Let me enlighten you. On the left, we have the Flying Lotus Feet pose, while on the right it’s the Sleeping Karma pose. Below, you can see the Flying Lotus Feet pose in action. Note its relaxing effect on the passengers in its vicinity.


15. Not yoga, but close enough


When you still want to do travel yoga but don’t want to pay for a trainer.

16. Welcome to the latest reality TV show, Cooking Passengers


I’d totally watch that.

Source: 9gag

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