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A Bad Tooth Turned This Blogger’s Wedding Day Into A Nightmare


Let’s be frank here, no one wants to look properly bad on their big wedding day, do they? Unfortunately, that was exactly what happened to beauty blogger Amie.

The 27-year-old had been planning a wedding with her fiancee for almost four years, and they knew exactly what they wanted it to look like. Being that she gave birth to three children before, which she calls the “three Mess-keteers”, she wanted to lose as much weight as possible before her big day.

In her own words, “I had three babies worth of weight packed onto [my] face, and [my] arms, and [my] tummy, and it was consuming me.”

This ultimately led her to go an a diet and exercise crusade.


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“I was especially obsessed with my face. I would look at every angle, trying to memorize how exactly to stick my tongue to the roof of my mouth so that my double chin would single out for our photos.” she added.


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But her obsession ultimately led to a huge problem just before her big day.


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In one of the worst strokes of luck you’ll see this week, five days before her wedding, she fell ill with what she thought was a sinus infection.


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She had a permanent migraine on the left side of her nose, and her teeth on that side of her mouth hurt so much that she couldn’t eat.


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Amie visited a few self-medicating avenues that failed to help, until eventually a doctor prescribed two different types of antibiotics. A few days before the wedding, she woke up with a swollen face.


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The pain was so bad that she had to call off her bachelorette party. She ended up in the emergency room, and it got to the point where it was impairing her speech and was preventing her to open her left eye properly.


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As it turned out, it was not a bad sinus infection as previously thought, but rather a severely abscessed tooth. So severe that it had completely destroyed her gum tissue and the bone that separated her mouth from the sinuses.


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After the emergency surgery was over, Amie asked her surgeon if the swelling would go down in time for the wedding. Unfortunately, the doctor laughed and responded that it would take weeks for the swelling to go down.


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Amie went home, crawled into bed, and cried for hours.


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“I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. I had a hard time looking at myself in the mirror, yet this would be my face on my wedding day?”


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“I had obsessed about my double chin, my chubby arms, my flabby thighs for nothing. It was like the universe was laughing in my face.”


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The thought of postponing the wedding did cross Amie’s mind, but then she remembered something.


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“I have an incredible support network. People that love me unconditionally and traveled a long way just to see me happy and adored.” she said.


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“I have three beautiful, healthy and happy little boys that revel in seeing their Mom and Dad together and in love… A man that loves me… He even loves my big, fat face.” she added.


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“How could I speak so poorly of his wife?” Amie remembered.


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“If I postpone this wedding that I have waited SO long for, I am saying yet again that I’m not good enough.”


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So, despite her health condition, Amie carried on with the wedding and it turned out to be just how she wanted it.


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It wasn’t perfect, and part of her will still wish that her face looked normal that day, Amie now knows that none of it really matters.


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“I was brave on that day. I conquered something that had championed me for a majority of my life, and I took a huge step towards being exactly who I want to be. I look back on that day and I swell with pride.” she was quoted as saying.


Source: Instagram | @mommysinsidevoice
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