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These 10 Badass Babies Don’t Give A Bleep About Your Rules

Badass Babies

While most newborns and toddlers look harmless, don’t be fooled. The babies on this list are certainly more badass than you’ll ever be I have ever been.  Although, aren’t all babies awesome? I think it’s safe to say definitely yes.

From forgoing the dummy in exchange for a few hundred dollar bills, to giving a scary look while inhaling some juice, they just don’t give a damn.

Without further ado, these are certainly some of the most badass babies we have ever seen.


Badass Babies 1

Source:Galfeis 420

2. Тhis guy was a mob boss in his previous life

Badass Babies 2


3. There’s a fire in my stomach, let me just cool it down

Badass Babies 3

4. You just got flipped off, lady

Badass Babies 4


5. Stay away from the cake, dude

Badass Babies 5

6. I’m your employer, nice to meet you

Badass Babies 6

7. Is that mofo laughing behind my back?

Badass Babies 7


8. This little guy blocked the neighbor in, and he doesn’t care one bit

I especially love how both of them drive Mini Coopers.

Badass Babies 8


9. Just chilling

Badass Babies 9

10. I have escaped the wretched womb and vengeance shall be mine

Badass Babies 10


11. Gangsta and his loyal followers

Badass Babies 11


12. Stay away or my tiger will eat you, boy

Badass Babies 12


13. Why use the armrest to rest your arm when you can rest your badass self!

Badass Babies 13


14. He certainly wants to be a villain when he gets older, because, some babies just wanna watch the world burn

Badass Babies 14


15. She also chose the thug life

Badass Babies 15

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