This Baked Actress Shares A Video Of Her Looking At Her Selfies And Chuckling

Caitlin Stasey
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Caitlin Stasey is a very interesting young girl who just doesn’t care about anyone’s opinion. She’s very famous for starring in the Austrailian soap opera, Neighbours. She appears to have gotten quite a bit negative attention when she posted this video on Instagram. But why?

It is really hard not to love her. Lately, she shared a video of herself checking out her scantily clad selfies. She wrote:”When u turned on ur camera to record a quick PSA but you were a bit high and forgot and then kept doing research while you were filming yourself also lol at my one million selfies and they’re actually not nude selfies it’s a pink bra for a change.” You can’t help but laugh at her awesomeness.


You can see it clearly on the screen when she is just staring and then realizes that she is recording and starts laughing.

A lot of people think it is actually set up, but how often do you accidentally record yourself looking through your pics? However, she clearly loved it as she uploaded it to her 190k followers.

Is this

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Also she has been playing with fire, since people love to judge about everything when posting a picture with her right boob exposed. At the end of the day she should be able to do whatever she wants when it comes to her own Instagram account. It is her life and she has the right to live it in the way she wants.

Source: caitlinjstasey69, theladbible

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