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Ballgirl Fails To Realize Ball Still In Play, Makes Embarrassing Gaffe


Fails on the sporting field are common and commonly loved. Except if you are Chicago Cubs fan Steve Bartman whose life turned into hell when he caught a baseball which was still in play back in 2003, thus shuttering Cubs’ hopes for winning their first World Series since 1908.

Luckily for Hooters Girl Priscilla Daughtry, it seems like everyone is more willing to forgive if you are a beautiful woman. It also might have something to do with the fact that she made the gaffe during a pre-season game, instead of a decisive post-season encounter.

Daughtry was a pitchside ball girl during the Tampa Bay Rays – Philadelphia Phillies game in March 2013 in Florida. When a ball was batted in her direction, she failed to realize it was still in play so she simply picked it up and handed it to a delighted young fan in the audience.

It was only after someone in the stands pointed out what she had done that she realized she interfered with the game. Luckily, no one took it too seriously. The video quickly went viral and people started recognizing Priscilla at her workplace – the original Hooters joint in Clearwater, Florida.


“As soon as I saw it coming to me I just got anxious and I scooped it right up and went over there to hand it to the young fan,” Priscilla told Bright House Sports Network.

“Obviously, I didn’t know that it was a fair ball still in play until the fan in front of the little boy informed me.”

In the end, everyone took it in good spirits, with even the Hooters manager congratulating Daughtry on her catching skills. It seems even Steve Bartram has been forgiven his tresspass after the Chicago Cubs won their first World Series title in 108 years back in 2016.


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