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Five Awesome Styles To Make You The Queen Of Bangs


I think that a lot of people can relate that bangs look the coolest of them all, but are the hardest to maintain. Forget washing your hair and then doing nothing to them, because you will definitely need a brush or a straightener to set everything up.

The famous hairstyle YouTube channel called Luxy Hair shares a lot of tutorials which are very helpful. They also have their own extensions and they’re very affordable and good quality. Today, Jenny is going to teach us 5 ways to wear bangs and believe me that all of them are absolutely gorgeous. Let’s see the hairstyles.

1. Super Sleek

So, for this one you can add extensions to add more volume and thickness to your hair and then take a brush and a blow dryer. With the brush you fix up your bangs while bow drying them. Then, you can use a straightener to put everything in place.

bangs 1

2. Side Sweep

To create the illusion of a side sweep, you take a brush and put your bangs behind the ears. With the rest of the hair you can use a curling iron to curl them a little and then spray them to last longer.

bangs 2

3. Center Part

If you like your bangs to be more in the center, then part them with a brush and blow dryer. You can curl some pieces of your hair leaving them to the front and you can tie the rest of the hair in a low bun in the back.

bangs 3

4. Two-Strand Twist

Spray your bangs to be able to work with them better, and then just twist them to the side you prefer. Secure it with bobby pins.

bangs 4

5. The Top Knot

If you want to take your bangs off your face, then blow dry and tie them on the top of your head in a bun. To create your shape, use bobby pins. Spray them to last longer.

bangs 5

Hope you guys enjoyed these super-fast and easy bang styles. If you want to see more, click right down below. Enjoy!

Source:Luxy Hair

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