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A Barber Became A Hero For The Way He Cut An Autistic 6-Year-Old’s Hair


Raising a child is often a very difficult task. But, for parents with autistic children, every small thing can become a lesson in patience and understanding. Routine and familiarity is very important for many autistic children. What helps them stay calm is a predictable schedule but what really happens when you have to go somewhere outside your home? In other words, your comfort zone?

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Sensory input can be very hard to process for many suffering with this debilitating condition. So, a simple shop for toys or getting a haircut can often be overwhelming. And while a parent can control the environment in the home, it’s impossible to do that when you’re out in public.

But, thankfully, in the last few years, there has been more of a “push” to give these families more and better options.

Locations like Toys “R” Us offer quiet shopping hours for the children that aren’t really fond of the experience.


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A Quebec barber named Franz Jacob is currently going viral for the way he cut a boy named Wyatt’s hair. In the photo that went viral, you can see him lying down on the floor trimming his hair, with candy all around him, which is how he feels more comfortable.

Jacob has a lot of autistic costumers and when they arrive, he locks the door to prevent interruptions.


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Wyatt’s mom, Fauve Lafrenière, told CBC News, “He takes care of everything, and I don’t even get involved. It takes a load off my shoulders.”

Jacob is not the first person that went viral for giving an autistic child a haircut. Stylist Kaylen Barker also was seen on a picture cutting Isaiah’s hair when the salon chair was too scary for the little boy.


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Even though it’s a small gesture, many parents know the anxiety of taking their child into a new place, not knowing how it will turn out. It’s important that these stories get some publicity drawn to them, because even one person that have patience and understand the situations can help make a difference, let alone a lot of people.

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