Barbie's Ruffled Rainbow Dress Cake By The Icing Artist

Barbie’s Ruffled Rainbow Dress Cake By The Icing Artist

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The Icing Artist is a YouTube channel ran by cake maestro Laurie Shannon hosting the easiest tutorials on simple cakes to more elaborate 3D cakes.

Today, under Laurie’s guidance we are making this Rainbow Dress Barbie Cake.

The cake is baked in the Wilton Wonder Mold Pan in order to establish the form of a princess gown, which we will later on bring to perfection with colorful icing.

Since that particular cake didn’t turn out to be tall enough, Laurie baked another 8” cake on which she positioned the one baked in the Wonder Mold Pan. That way, she elongated the figure of the Barbie and made herself some space to maneuver while icing the dress.

I assume you have already baked your cake and are ready to start the remaining steps.

Divide your cake into three parts. Layer out some buttercream ice cream in between.

icing 1

Carve out a little spot in the middle of the cake where you are going to position your Barbie doll. And that’s an actual Barbie doll. Wrap the doll into a nylon to protect the doll from smudging.

icing 2

Next stop, the icing of the dress.

We need to create a big train for her dress. Carve down the back of the cake a little bit. Now, cover the whole cake using buttercream icing making sure it’s all nice and smooth and that everything blends together. To finish smoothing it out, rub it a bit with a paper towel.

Laurie insisted that dress was pleated, that is, that it has pleats meeting up at an angle at the front center of the dress.

Mark where you want your pleats to go with a toothpick. We are using a decorating tip to create the ruffles of the dress. We are going to follow the color pattern of the rainbow starting at the bottom with purple, then blue, green, yellow, orange and red at the very top, near her waist.

Wiggle your hand as the icing comes out of the dispenser in order to create the ruffles.

icing 3

Continue to do so with all the remaining icing colors.

icing 4

We are going to make two layers of every single color.

icing 5

Refer to the video to understand better the way to make the dress.

icing 6

The finished product is really awe-inspiring!

icing 7

Source:The Icing Artist

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