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This Baskin-Robbins Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich Cake Is Totally #CakeGoals!

Baskin-Robbins Cookie

In case you weren’t aware by now, the How To Cake It channel on Youtube is one of the most amazing ones you can find.

There, now you know, and we can finally get down to business. The host (and cake master) is Yolanda, and apart from being the charismatic, humorous person that she is, she’s is a magician of cakes.

And this time, she teams up with Baskin-Robbins and tries to recreate their Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich – to the very last detail.

And when we say ‘the very last detail’, we are serious to the 400th fondant sprinkle on the pink part of this ginormous Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich.

For the layers, she bakes cakes, removes the caramelized surface and wets them with syrup.

Baskin-Robbins Cookie 1

She then tops them with different colored buttercream and lets them cool. And you know, pink for the pink cake, white for the vanilla cake, that goes without saying.

Baskin-Robbins Cookie 2

An interesting part is that she made a blondie (a cookie without chocolate chips), used peanut butter in the recipe and managed to amaze even herself! She shapes it to look perfectly like a cookie.

Baskin-Robbins Cookie 3

She makes the same shape for the cookie part (brownie material) and cuts out little pieces, to make the cookie seem authentic, like when it’s baked and cracked. How amazing is that?!

Baskin-Robbins Cookie 4

Both cookies will receive fondant treatment with special pinched fondant that will contribute to their amazing authenticity. I told you Yolanda is a cake magician.

Baskin-Robbins Cookie 5

The cakes are removed from the cooling area and will now receive a sort of messy ‘ice-cream’ treatment.

Baskin-Robbins Cookie 6

The rest of this elaborate procedure is using chocolate chip-less cookie dough and fondant sprinkles to decorate, so that it look EXACTLY like that little one in her hand:

Baskin-Robbins Cookie 7

Don’t believe me? See for yourself:

Baskin-Robbins Cookie 8

Yes, she dared cut it. But honestly, after you watch the video, be honest with yourself and ask yourself:


Source:How To Cake It

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