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Security Guard Was Shocked When He Found Hidden Camera In Public Bathroom Toilets


A lot of people have the (sometimes) very understandable fear that they are being watched wherever they go or whatever they do. And obviously having security cameras in certain places is a must like in shops, streets and so on. But the last place that someone would ever want to be filmed is in a public toilet.


Even though we never expect to have cameras in public restrooms that doesn’t stop us from having a check now and again just in case. But the recent revelations will definitely leave you checking every toilet you go into… or not go in any at all.

A security guard found a small device in a disabled toilet in a Lidl at the Broadway Shopping Centre in Maidstone.


The shoppers have been warned too that “some sick perverts” are fitting hidden cameras in public toilets. Adedeji Adebanwo was checking the facilities and that’s where he found the small camera that has been disguised as an air freshener. He called the police immediately and inspected the device closely finding out that it had a USB and memory card slot.

“I went to use the toilet myself and I noticed what looked like an air freshener, which was strange,” Adebanwo told Kent Online. “Anything like that has to be approved by me and we don’t have air fresheners. It isn’t something we would have. A customer using the toilet would have had no idea that it was a camera.

“I find it disgusting. We have a lot of public toilets in Maidstone and everybody needs to check them.”

I mean, if you’re dying to go to the bathroom the last thing you would ever want to check for is cameras. The risk of having an accident is preferable to the thought of someone perving at you as you do your business.


These devices are not hard to get a hold of either, since Metro reports that they can be bought online for £10,  with better models being offered for a heftier price.

“Straight away when I saw it I knew it was a hidden camera. Both adults and children use that toilet. It’s sick,” the security guard continued.

“If they are in the toilets at this shopping center, then you don’t know where else they are being put.”

If it happens for you to spot one of these, then call the police immediately.

Featured Image Credit: SWNS

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