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For Those Fed Up With Shaving: Five Facial Hair Styles To Begin Your Bearded Adventure


While some men enjoy it, many will agree that shaving every morning constitutes the most tedious, repetitive routine in their lives. To their delight, beards have slowly but surely overtaken the world once again, and what would have only several years ago be seen as an eccentric personal choice, now appears as common as not wearing a suit and tie all the time. As, in fact, it should be, as beards are the most common look in history; the time men have spent shaving in comparison to the era of free-growing beards is like a little dot on the long ruler of time.

The best thing about beards, however, might be the versatility they allow the one wearing them. Read on to find out the best facial hair styles and how to achieve them.


The isolated lumberjack

The look that has permeated every societal group, subculture and class – from Fidel Castro to Santa Claus, from slow-brew coffee-drinking hipsters to John Lennon. It is brave to sport a full-on beard, but it can be the best decision in a man’s life if done correctly. Although you’ll save a lot of time and energy on shaving, don’t make the cardinal mistake of becoming uninterested in your beard. A fortnightly trim and a regular wash will always be in order.


The Guy Fawkes

Even if you don’t feel like a Catholic revolutionary from the XVII century, in particular, you have to give it to Fawkes for the distinctive, influential facial hair. The look of the original twisted firestarter is bound to leave an impression – after all, it has been ingrained in the consciousness of people for hundreds of years.


The Walter White

You don’t have to be a huge Breaking Bad fan to appreciate the badass aspects of Walter White’s personality. If you sometimes feel like a frustrated chemistry teacher who needs to break bad out of his dull life, this might be the exact radical change you need.



The moustache

If you don’t feel comfortable going with a full-on beard but are still intrigued by facial hair, trying out a mustache first might be a good idea. Mustaches have gone in an out of fashion for as long as the razor has been invented, and in recent years have seen another surge in popularity. Be careful, though, as people might be asking you why are you doing a Movember in June.


The Zorro

A ‘tache that carries with it the lust for life of nobleman Don Diego de la Vega, a Californian Robin Hood defending commoners and indigenous peoples from tyrannical officials and villains. Meaning “fox” in Spanish, there is truly something cunning in this look, but beware: pulling it off in the manner of a XIX century outlaw might take some practice.


The clean shave

And as they say in The Lion King, it’s the Circle of Life. Whenever you feel you need a change once again, you can end up with the cleanest of shaves, in a matter of minutes. Because if there’s one thing you don’t have to worry about when it comes to your beard, it’s that it won’t grow again soon enough.


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