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Beat The Bra Bulge With These 3 Easy Exercises



Every woman thinks about being different in some way, no matter how awesome they already are. Be it small or big, we all have a something we would like to change. This something for many women is their bra bulge. That little piece of side flesh that sticks out uncomfortably from the side of your bra. BRA BULGE!!!

But no need to fear because help is here! We’ve got you three real-woman exercises you can do today to beat that bra bulge:

Step 1: Deadlift

It works because it engages and strengthens the muscles in your back, glutes and hamstrings.

Step 2: YTI

This works because it targets the muscles in your upper back and shoulders.

Step 3: Opposite arm and leg reach

This step works because it targets your core.


For the best results do these exercises 3-4 times a week. And if you do not know how to do them properly just watch this video below to see the exercises in action.



You can even do these while watching TV! 🙂


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