This Beautiful Baby With A Unique Birthmark That Spans Four Generations Stormed The Internet


It’s not unusual for a parent and child to have an identical or very similar birthmark. Most often that birthmark is a brown mark on the skin. But sometimes it can be a streak of light-colored hair like this cute mother-daughter duo from Ridgeland, South Carolina. They are making quite a storm on the internet due to their remarkably similar and rare white streak in the hair which is caused by an inherited skin condition.

Not only does the cute 18-month-old MilliAnna and her mother 23-year-old Brianna Worthy have the mark, MilliAnna’s grandmother and great-grandmother also have the mark!

You must see MilliAnna’s adorable pictures. She and her mom are so cool. MilliAnna was born with this striking white patch in her hair which is making her the youngest member of the family who has it.


Source: via Daily Mail | Caters News Agency

Her mother Brianna has the same characteristic – a white patch in her hair.
It’s the result of a rare skin condition known as poliosis which means that there is a lack of pigment in the hair structure. This distinctive and incredibly rare genetic birthmark popped up several generations before Brianna on her mother’s side.


Source: via The Sun | Caters News Agency

Just take a look, the white patch is in the exact same spot!

Both of them are so cute is this picture.


Source: via Daily Mail | Caters News Agency

The fact that a mother and daughter have the same white patch in their hair is amazing. But what is even more interesting is that almost every woman in their family has it.


Source: via Facebook / Brianna Worthy

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