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An Easy And Beautiful Hairstyle For School


High school is one of the best experiences of our life and when you close your eyes you want to remember yourself looking cute. You can’t use too much makeup because everyone keeps it natural there but cute hairstyles are always a must.

YouTube channel named Women Hairstyle shares all the master classes of various levels of difficulty on weaving braids and performance evening, bridal and casual hairstyles. Let’s gain experience together and invent new fashionable hairstyles with this tutorial. Back to school!

This hairstyle is very easy to do and looks pretty unique in the end.


Tie your hair in a ponytail and separate it into two pieces of hair. With one piece start making a braid and then collect hair from the sides too.

school 1


With the other piece that’s left, do the same thing and repeat.

school 2


To decorate your hair and make everything look extra pretty, put a red bow where the braids meet. Yay!

school 3

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“very nice i love it”.

Someone added:

“I find this so helpful for my 4-year-old daughter”.

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