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Have You Seen These Beautiful Indian Bridal Makeup Looks?

Indian Bridal Makeup

On your wedding day, of course you try to look the best that you can. Personally, I feel like all the brides I see look perfect from head to toe. I usually pay attention to their makeup because I want to see what’s different about that day, how special it has to be. Have you seen Indian makeup yet?

Sometimes it is too much, sometimes it looks perfect, but lately India is killing it. They have their own tradition and it’s a part of it to put extra jewelry on, makeup, hair pulled to the back and all of these beautiful colors pop out.

If you are looking to get inspired and to see their makeup art, watch the pictures down below. You will fall in love!

You see that highlight?


This blue liner makes everything pop out. They really experiment with deep colors that not everyone is willing to try.


Peachy perfect.


Wow. Obsessed with this one. This Indian bride looks so unique!


You can never have enough eyeliner. Aren’t you just loving this one?


That cut crease is literally a masterpiece.

Indian Bridal Makeup

Totally unable to choose my favorite. Which one was yours? There’s a comment section where you can tell us that!


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