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Side By Side Comparison Between The New And The Original “Beauty And The Beast”


If you are yet to watch the new Beauty and the Beast, be advised that watching the video below contains spoilers, although it’s unlikely to ruin your viewing experience. If you already have, though, re-live this masterpiece’s wondrous magic by watching this side by side comparison video of the animated live movie with its animated predecessor.

beast 1

Since coming out at the beginning of March, the remake has garnered critical acclaim as a worthy successor to the original Disney movie from the year 1991. Played by an ensemble cast with Emma Watson in the leading role, the film earned $751.2 million in the first three weeks after its release against a $160 million production budget. By far the most expensive musical ever made, it has so far proved a worthy investment and is the highest-grossing film ever made.

Well, it’s Beauty And The Beast, what did you expect, right?

What this video seen more than 5,6 million times in just two months does, is focusing on what the new live animated version has been praised for the most: doing justice to the very successful original. By juxtaposing the best of the two movies’ trailers, its creator shows how closely the two works resemble one another, with the latter one simply using the technological advancements at its disposal to further improve an already stunning piece of art.

Check it out below, and off you go to the movies even if you’ve already seen it, as it’s sure worthy of watching it at least twice!


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