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10 ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Secrets You Didn’t Know

The Beauty and the Beast

‘Beauty and the Beast’ is an absolute favorite for most Disney fans. The gorgeous animation and magnificiently built characters are the most charming in movie history. We practically grew up with all those talking household items, and Belle and the Beast’s love became #goals like very few onscreen romances.

You may consider yourself a diehard fan, but are you sure you know everything there is to know about the movie? For example how long it was in the making, or the meaning behind the color blue?

For example, not many people know that Belle is the only one who wears blue in the village. If you take a closer look, you’ll see that she stands out in every village scene. It was exactly what the story makers had in mind when they envisioned this, as she is different and unique, much like all the Disney princesses we love so much.

So press play below, and find out every other secret there is to know about ‘Beauty and the Beast’.


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