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16 Beauty Disasters We Can All Relate To


No matter how hard we try to apply our makeup as perfectly as possible, sometimes it just won’t stay where you put it. The daily struggle to draw your eyeliner evenly, and the nagging worry that there’s lipstick on your teeth are just a few of the problems we ladies face on a daily basis. But everyone has been the victim of a beauty disaster at one point or another, so it is easy for us to relate to the women on this list, compiled by Diply.

1. You had one job, eyeliner!

We already mentioned the applying eyeliner problem. But every now and then, it happens that you absolutely nail it. Somehow, it turns out perfect. So you strut around very confidently throughout the whole day, only to look in the mirror in the evening and see it smudged! And you’re left wondering how long it has looked like that and hoping the smudging happened a very short while ago…


Source: Instagram | @laurakateswamp

2. No pain no gain

If you think stepping on a Lego is painful, you’ve never had your elastic band caught in your hair.


Source: Twitter | @brookelynflores

3. Don’t blink

How is putting on mascara related to sneezing? I really don’t see how the mascara can cause you to sneeze, but it does. Probably it’s another one of Murphy’s Laws. Everything that can, will go wrong.


Source: Instagram | @miss.charityb

4. Crash bang

It’s a sad day when you fail your trusty eyeshadow by dropping it. And then it is gone! Just like that! Smashed into a million pieces. You can’t fix it, and you keep being reminded of your crime everytime you open its tiny box. Which is every morning.


Source: Instagram | @dalybeauty

5. An imperfect match

Using a foundation that doesn’t quite match your skin tone is something that has happened to you more times than you think. Don’t believe me? Check some of your old photos and you’ll see. It takes a lot of experience to find the perfect match.


Source: Instagram | @adamisgroupita

6. Orange is the new… white?

Too much bronzer = not a good look. Perfection is moderation.


Source: Instagram | @alantaitpermanentmakeup

7. Surprise surprise

Water can wash away anything, even our lies. Basically, if you’re going on a first date, make sure it doesn’t involve swimming.


Source: Instagram | @pharlapsfetlocks

8. Something in your teeth

It’s the worst feeling when someone points out to you that there’s lipstick on your teeth. Not because they told you, but because there’s probably ten other people you talked to before who didn’t say a thing… Embarrassing…


Source: Twitter | @DENCosmetics

9. A day at Trump’s fake tan salon

So, what are you going to be for Halloween? – The most Halloween-y thing ever: a pumpkin!

Careful with the spray tan, people… You don’t want a Ross Geller repeat.


Source: Twitter | @TruTanMelanotan

10. Plucking up the courage

It takes a brave person to decide to pluck their own eyebrows. Or just someone who is sick of paying seven bucks for removing a few stray hairs. But then you end up trying to even things out, just a bit more on the left one, and a bit on the right, and suddenly you’re left with almost no eyebrows!


11. Hot stuff

Ah, the burn-your-neck-with-the-curling-iron problem. It’s happened to everyone. And it’s not embarrassing at all walking around with a huge mark on your neck that looks like a hickey. Not embarrassing at all.


Source: Twitter | @Ldrizzle95

12. The art of lip liner

Women have been working on perfecting this art for centuries with varying results. More often than not, they’re far from good…


Source: Instagram | @fabfacesbyjanaye

13. Contours

Here we have another art that takes quite a while to get the hang of. Watching tutorials doesn’t always help when it comes to contouring. With practice you will figure it out, but in the meantime you may end up looking a bit bruised and confused.


Source: Instagram | @msli23

14. Just winging it

Winged eyeliner is a pain in the neck. A perfect result can be achieved once in a blue moon, the rest of the time, the raccoon look will have to do.


Source: Instagram | @danazmakeup

15. It’s hard to say goodbye

When you find the perfect eyelashes, it can be very hard to give them up when their time comes. Goodbye lashes, you shall be missed.


Source: Instagram | @aestheticacosmetics

16. Prepare for takeoff!

Long fake lashes and wind are not a good combination. Unless you believe you can fly.

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