These Beauty Emojis are as Good as New Makeup Products



“With Beaumoji, our goal is to provide emojis that beauty enthusiasts crave and speak to their unique passions, lifestyles and personalities.” – Rachel Weiss, Vice President of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at L’Oréal USA

Beauty Emojis or Beaumoji is the brainchild of L’Oreal USA. It is an app packed with beauty emojis to allow you to express yourself in pictorial form.

They noticed a massive gap for emojis to describe beauty products, forcing enthusiasts to write long hand when most other obsessions can now use an emoji. The emojis are divided into 5 categories:It Girl, Iconic, Pampered Life, BeYOUtiful and Love. IT Girl follows current beauty trends, such as the ombré lip and pastel hair, while Pampered Life is reserved for beauty experiences.

The first download gives you access to 130 emojis and is totally free. As beauty trends change, updates will be available.

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