Beauty And Makeup Tricks To Perfect Your Eye Brows

Beauty And Makeup Tricks To Perfect Your Eyebrows


New Zealand-based  beauty, fashion and lifestyle vlogger Alyshia Jones is trying to make the best of her experiences in those fields and transfer what she’s learned so far with her followers.

She also takes requests, so if you have anything that’s not quite clear to you on some of those topics, feel free to ask her to address it in a future video!

I am glad I stumbled upon this particular video since my eyebrows are a mess! I am not that good with the brush and I overwork the brow pencil to the point of looking like a Kabuki actor!

And I don’t like that but I still have to use a brow pencil since I have some empty patches in my brows.

This video showed me how to go around my brows for the best au naturel look as possible!

Step 1

Start by filling in your brows with the Fabbrows duo eyebrow kit in light brown/medium brown. Go underneath the brow and slowly fill in the lower edge of the brow.

beauty 1Next, flick the brush upwards to fill in the empty patches in the root area. Proceed with the tail.

Step 2

Make sure you pay special attention to your arch. Try to think whether you want a more natural or more dramatic, high arch. Draw it along the natural shape of your arch and make sure that both of the brows look the same.

beauty 2

Step 3

Brush the brow hairs up with a spoolie brush. Make sure to spread the product throughout the brush so it won’t look harsh.

beauty 3

Step 4

If you want a really defined brow, you can go back at it with a dip brow pomade. Use it on the outer edge of the arch to define it even more!

You can even elongate the tail if you feel like you’re missing out in that department.

beauty 4

Step 5

Now this is one of those industry nifty tricks!

Take a flat top kabuki brush and go through the roots of the brows with it in upwards motions. It gives the brows a more hombre-like, faded look in the roots which makes them look even more natural!

Step 6

beauty 5

You can draw little brow hairs with the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof brow color which has a built-in brush.

Step 7

Put some concealer underneath the brow. This will define the brows and tide up the product smudges near the line.

beauty 6

Brush up the brow with some transparent brow gel mascara!

Source:Alyshia Jones

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