Is Beauty About Symmetry? 15 Photoedits Of Celebrities Try To Answer That Question

Is Beauty About Symmetry? 15 Photoedits Of Celebrities Try To Answer That Question


Since the dawn of time, we’ve been obsessed with beauty. At times attracted to it, at other times frustrated by its seemingly impossible standards. Heck, we have an entire activity called art, the chief purpose of which is to try and discover beauty. And rediscover it. And just make our lives more meaningful.

So, what is beauty? Nobody really knows. But science has tried to answer that question too, with some scientists saying that beauty is really dependent on symmetry. That is, if a certain face is symmetrical, i.e. the left side and the right side are as similar to each other as it gets, then we’re more likely to perceive a face as beautiful.

But, while the idea makes sense, how true is it, actually?

Well, someone over at 9GAG decided to put that theory to the test. They edited the images of famous celebrities and gave us their ‘symmetrical’ versions. The photos on the left are what a celebrity looks like when their left side is reflected perfectly over on the other side of the person’s face. On the right side, it’s the opposite – the person’s right side of their face is reflected across the entire face.

So, does it make these admittedly already beautiful celebrities any prettier? The results might surprise you. But enough of my chit-chat, scroll down and see for yourselves.

1. Marion Cotillard


2. Ryan Gosling


3. Denzel Washington


4. Natalie Portman


5. Beyonce


6. Lea Seydoux


7. Vanessa Paradis


8. Rihanna


9. Brad Pitt


10. Adele


11. Kanye West


12. Jon Hamm


13. Kim Kardashian


14. John Cho


15. Sofia Vergara


Personally, I think most of these edits are uglier than the originals. I much prefer the real-life, imperfect, asymmetrical faces of these celebrities. But what do you think?

Source: 9Gag

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