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We Really Will Regret All These Beauty Trends In 20 Years Time


There are a lot of interesting fashion trends nowadays, surrounded by a ton of hype and a ton of people following them. But trust me, in 20 years time, we won’t find these fashion trends cool, we’ll just laugh at the thought of them.

Here are some that will definitely make the cut.

1. The Kylie lip obsession

Remember the Kylie Lip Challenge? That thing where girls would stick their mouth inside something with a smaller circumference to make their lips bigger and more like Kylie Jenner. This photo is a perfect representation of what actually happened.

We Really Will Regret All These Beauty Trends In 20 Years Time 1

Source: Twitter | @_zoeymcguire

2. Excessive contouring

Another trend that we can blame the Kardashians for is the magical dark art of contouring. It’s not a bad idea at its core, but some beauty gurus took it to the extreme, as you can see:

We Really Will Regret All These Beauty Trends In 20 Years Time 2

Source: YouTube | Jackie Aina

3. Excessive highlighting

Along with the marvels of contouring came its evil twin sister — the highlight. While highlighter is a pretty cool thing, in most cases, it’s just unnecessary.


Source: Instagram | @browgame | YouTube | Jackie Aina

4. Those clothes that makes you look like your cat ate them up


Source:Upscale Hype

5. Mom jeans

Because wearing jeans that make you look like a blob is fun!


Source: Tumblr | itsvondell

6. Very dark gradient brows


Source: Instagram | @browgame

7. Applying makeup with stuff that isn’t a makeup brush

Like for example… a condom.


Source: YouTube | Laila Tahri

8. Crop tops

Especially those with some kind of slang word on them, like the one pictured. Contrary to all this, I really like crop tops and a lot of girls look amazing wearing them, but the concept makes no sense to me still, and anyway, it’s another one of those things that will get mocked in 20 years.


Source: Twitter | @lototeesapparel

9. Chokers


Source: Forever 21 | Forever 21 | Forever 21

10. Furry shoes

As seen on every single lifestyle and model Instagram profile!


Source: Glory | Where To Get

11. Massive clear lenses

They can look cool in some cases, but if you need to go out in the sun, just get a proper pair of shades!


Source: Instagram | @shannenjai | Instagram | @fashion_black_and_white

12. Coffin and Stiletto nails


Source: Instagram | @nailsbysueuna

13. The man bun

This was cute for a while, but guys in 20 years will wonder why they didn’t chop it sooner, or they might do so now.


Source:Men’s Hairstyle Trends

14. The marble pattern

This has to be the most overrated pattern for anything ever. Why is it everywhere?


Source: Deny Designs | Pinterest | Calpak | Pinterest | Style and Designs | Tumblr

15. Thigh high socks and boots

Part of me wishes that this trend doesn’t die, because we look amazing wearing them.


Source: Pinterest | Taylor Craig

16. Leggings worn as pants

For those girls that are all about the #gymlife.


Source:My Mantra Active

17. Rompers

After these hit their next stage of evolution with the men romper, I think it’s time they died out.



18. Ripped jeans and fishnets

Every time I see a girl wearing fishnets, I want to take them off her and use them for their actual purpose: catching fish!


Source:Locks And Trinkets

19. Baking

As in plastering your face with powder and then waiting for it to “bake”.


Source: Instagram | @browgame

20. Body suits


Source: SheIn | Lupsona

21. Plastic clothing

Like… why? Why would you wear this?



22. Drop-crotch pants.

Hey guys look I’m JB! Why would you wear pants that are this massively uncomfortable?


Source:Scout Network Blog

23. Rose gold

A trend started by Apple, I wish they never did…


Source: Joma Shop | Sunny Life

24. Mesh clothing

For those that want to show skin but kind of don’t at the same time.


Source: The Haute Persuit | Monki | Nasty Gal

25. Crushed velvet


Source: Pinterest | alex talbot | Missy Empire | Urban OG

26. See-through heels

Oh girls, stop, you’re not Cinderella…


Source: Aldo Shoes | Instagram | @fashion_black_and_white

27. The unicorn and mermaid obsession

I just don’t get it, and especially not the “my spirit animal is a mermaid/unicorn”. Grow up…


Source: IWISB | Forever 21 | Dolls Kill | Dolls Kill

28. Holographic clothing

A bad attempt at futuristic clothing. A very bad attempt.


Source: Dolls Kill | Dolls Kill

29. Pastel hair

Sometimes this can look cool, but it’s just a bit impractical and this tends to be a highly mocked thing on the internet.


Source: Instagram | @lichipan | Her Campus | Pinterest | Beth Rose

30. Cultural appropriation.

A culture is not a costume and it’s not yours for the taking — let’s agree to leave the feather headdress at home next festival season.


Source: Tumblr | vivacious-affinity | Fimela

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