This beauty trick may be the answer to dark circles


The most annoying think is having dark circles. I know you probably are working too hard, or you just didn’t get too much sleep last night. Concealer does it’s work, but there will still be marks of your tiredness.

To fix that up for you, vlogger Deepica Mutyala came up with the best idea ever. Totally a genius tip that promises to even out the skin color under your eyes.


It looks super weird and scary when you first apply the lipstick, but it makes sense a lot. When you dab on that red or orange lipstick, it neutralizes the green or blue color under your eyes, making it less visible. So, want to try it out? Simply dab a clean makeup brush in your lipstick, and apply it under your eyes. You have to find the coverage that works best for you. After you do all of that, apply your best concealer and blend it in. There you have it.


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