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Become Rich By Spotting These 1970 Quarters Worth $35,000


When we were little kids, we sometimes dreamed of being so rich by finding a secret treasure. We dreamed of finding it under our doormat, or somewhere deep in the ground. Many kids would boast that their house had it, and then their friends would laugh at the stupid idea. But how stupid is it? Would you like the idea of getting rich all of a sudden from having a secret treasure stowed in plain sight at your house? If you have some old quarters, you might be a step closer to finding out.

Apparently, some coins are worth $35,000, but what are the odds that you have one? Do you have a collection of old coins? I’m not talking about coins from the dawn of time, but something from the not so distant past.


Source:Flickr / OTA Photos

If you start searching for coins at home, you will probably find old ones in a jar or under the bed. Some of these quarters can actually be worth more than 25 cents.



Source:Woman’s World has discovered a coin worth an incredible amount of money: $35,000! It came from the 1970s.




Apparently, this coin is worth so much because it is incredibly rare to find! These rare coins were printed over Canadian quarters dating from 1941!

Take a look at this picture and you might notice the error.



Next to the word “Liberty”, you can see the remnants of the old Canadian quarter.


Source:Coins And Canada

Here is the 1940 Canadian quarter.

Right above the head, you can see “D:G:REX.

These letters can be seen on the American coin if you take a closer look.



Even though it is so rare, you might have a chance at finding one at home! It’s definitely worth a look anyway!


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